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Rehabilitation & Exercise

Various techniques used in rehabilitation have significance of their own in improving physical performance and restoring athletes to normal activity:

Stretching and bending exercises improve flexibility of the injured muscles

Massage techniques relieves the tension of the muscles and improves the blood flow to the injured area

Stability exercises restores the functions and movements of the broken or injured joints

Exercise prescription is usually part of your overall osteopathic consultation, however if you require a more intense programme, additional sessions can be arranged with our Rehabilitation specialists. Our practitioners will provide you with a personal exercise plan and make sure you have a full understanding of each exercise. Each movement will be demonstrated and your technique checked whilst performing the exercises. A comprehensive exercise pack will be given to each patient for use at home.

These exercises allow you to build strong stabilising muscles, decrease your incidence of aches and pains and strengthen your abdominal core. Your core comprises of many muscles that need to be strong and balanced so you can perform everyday activities with ease.They are also vital in all sports and without capable core muscles there is a high risk of injury in other parts of the body due to imbalances.

Our Rehabilitation team help athletes recover from injury with treatments and exercise regimes that help reduce pain, promote movement of stiffened muscles, restore normal function of the injured site, and prevent recurring damage.

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Patient JR

“I keep recommending your clinic as I was so impressed with the treatment I received”

Patient KP

“Just wanted to let you know that i’m back at the gym!! Thank you Cedar Hall for getting me back to full fitness”

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