This treatment is currently not available – our Physiotherapist is on Maternity Leave

Conditions treated by Physiotherapy:

Post-operative pain or discomfort

Sports Injuries

Respiratory Conditions

Back and Neck Pain

Hand and Wrist Injuries

Joint pain and stiffness

Musculoskeletal Pain

Neurological Disorders


Circulatory Problems


Chronic Pain

Women’s Health Issues

…and much more

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that aims to diagnose, rehabilitate and restore movement and function to patients affected by injury, illness, ageing or disability.

Physiotherapists are highly trained & experts in movement. They help patients understand what is wrong and work carefully with them to improve range of movement, strengthen muscles, reduce pain and stiffness, restore confidence and promote overall well being. Following a thorough assessment & medical history, our physiotherapist gives new patients a treatment plan and exercise regime specifically tailored to suit his or her needs. She treats her patients with hands-on therapy. She will also discuss with you any short or long term goals and if possible an expected time scale of recovery.


Physiotherapist Kimberley Hughes is available for local home visits to patients who are housebound following surgery/injury and who are unable to attend one of our clinics.

Patient JR
“I keep recommending your clinic as I was so impressed with the treatment I received”
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