Pain Free Gardening

There is definitely a buzz in our reception areas at the moment. Even though the wintery weather is stubbornly clinging to life, there is at last a touch of Spring in the air and our many gardening fans are raring to go!


Gardening can lead to problems though:

Low back pain & wrist stiffness from digging, raking, lifting, weeding and prolonged use of shears
Neck & shoulder pain from pruning and maintaining a hunched over position for too long
Sore joints from bending down in the same position without break
Sore fingers from gripping the various tools of the trade.
Here are a few simple tips that may well help you to enjoy pain free gardening:

A few stretches before gardening can help prepare your body for action!
Vary your posture & stretch while you’re working – it’s great for blood flow. A static posture can lead to muscle spasm or cramp.
Bend from the knees and hips when lifting or bending – this keeps muscle strains at bay.
Don’t over do it! Sounds simple but so many gardeners fall prey to aches, pains and injuries through not pacing themselves and ripping into a project. Allowing time for a task is key.
Drink plenty of water thus replacing fluids lost through sweating.
Take time to stretch immediately you have finished your gardening session. This will restore your body balance and iron out those nagging knots whilst your muscles are still warm and flexible.
Enjoy your days in the garden!



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